Friday, July 11, 2008

Cleveland/Akron GM Onstar/Expert

Your Cleveland/Akron GM/ONstar Sales Expert:

Call: Tony D: 1-330-410-4753!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Onstar Programs:

Services Included: (Safe and Sound Plan, 1yr free with new GM cars:)

1. Automatic Airbag Deployment response: If your airbag deploys Onstar will contact you through your cars speakers and if you fail to respond; they will call emergency services with your
location pinpointed by satellite. 76,000 people have benefitted from this service.

2. Automatic Crash Response: Your Car Sensors tell ONstar the severity of the damage in the event of an accident. This info is passed on to emergency crews after you are contacted by a live ONstar Rep.

3. Emergency Services: Press the red Button and you are connected to a Live Onstar Rep.

4. Roadside Assistance: Flat Tire Repair; Gas Delivery or Towing...all free.

5. Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance: 33,000 vehicles located using GPS in the last 10 years.

6. Remote Door Onlock: Call 1-888-4Onstar (1-888-466-7827) from your cell.

7. Crisis Assist: Push the Blue Button and get a Crisis Advisor who can connect you to loved
ones; updated crisis info; evacuation routes; shelter locations etc..

8. Accident Assist: Onstar Rep will guide you through procedures for contacting police, insurance and loved ones...

9. Vehicle Diagnostics: A summary of hundreds of diagnostics; maintenance reminders all e-mailed to you every 30 days.

10. Remote Horn and Lights: Call 1-888-4Onstar (1-888-466-7827) to turn off your horn or lights.

11. Onstar Turn-by Turn Navigation: Push the Button and connect directly with an OnStar Rep. who will tell you your location and connect you to an automated, voice guided system to tell you where to turn and where to get you where you want to be. ONE TRIAL IS FREE on the
Safe and Sound Plan.

12. Hands-Free Calling: Voice activated dialing with a highly reliable wireless system.

Directions and Connections Program:

* Additional Services Included on some vehicles as a Standard Feature; Optional on others:

1. Ride Assist: Onstar Rep. will call a taxi if you are stalled; or in an accident.

2. Information/Convenience Svs.

Cost after 1st year:

Safe and Sound: $24.95/month* $289/year

Directions and Connections: (includes Safe and Sound)

Model Year 2007 and Newer Vehicles

Onstar Installed- New Car Models:


1. Enclave
2. LaCrosse
3. Lucerne



1. G5
2. G6
3. G8
4. Grand Prix
5. Solstice
6. Torrent
7. Vibe



1. Acadia
2. Canyon
3. Envoy
4. Sierra
5. Yukon
6. Yukon XL



1. CTS
2. DTS
3. Escalade
4. Escalade ESV
5. Escalade EXT
6. STS
7. SRX
8. XLR

Others: Chevrolet; Saturn; Hummer and Saab:

On-Star in action: Police Chase.